Some Days Just Call For Tea and Toast

Sometimes you just don’t need a recipe to know what your body craves. This is one of those days, because I have a bad cold. One of those I don’t want to do anything at all kind of colds.

I have been battling it for 5 days. It started typically enough with a scratchy throat. By the next day I had a stuffy nose, but no fever. In fact if it weren’t for the stuffy nose I would have said I felt just fine. I had just about convinced myself that it was not a cold at all, just a mild allergy flair up.

But, alas sometime in the night these sniffles moved into my chest and sat down with a great heavy thud!  My chest is so congested that it actually feels as if a great big bear is sitting on it while sticking a long feather down my throat. Tickling away for his own amusement. The tickle leads to a cough, the cough leads to hack and the hack brings up some of the nastiest stuff you’d ever want to see.

The only way to calm the tickle and stop the process is to drink warm tea. And I mean constantly. But a man’s gotta eat too. So it’s toast for me. Tea and toast with a little butter and honey for comfort.

oolong tea leavesI am actually a fairly picky tea drinker too. Especially when I don’t feel well. So I have chosen an oolong tea, for the comfortable way the name rolls off the tongue. It’s part of the process that puts me in the proper mood to heal.

My oolong is of course a Chinese tea. Technically called Wuyi Rougui. It is the fifth and latest tea bush to be added to the line up of China’s famed five “Rock Teas” originating from Mount Wuyi in Northern Fujian, China.

It is also known as Cassia Oolong, Wu Yi Cassia Oolong, Bohea Cassia, Yu Gui, Jade Cassia Oolong.

It ain’t cheap, but it’s what I need. It has been hard wood charcoal roasted for 26 hours and has strong thick leaves that are nicely rolled into strips. The leaves vary in color from reddish to dark and are speckled through with a greenish touch.

It’s has a strong tea taste which blends pleasantly with the slight cinnamon flavor. But its bitter-sweet finish has a subtle floral taste.

Somehow writing this makes me feel better. I knew you guys could help! GREG


Greg Henry