Savory Cocktails

Get ready to raise a glass and say “cheers”. Because I have some exciting news. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky. I wish I could say I slept my way to the top. But, nope. I drank my way there!


I’m sort of exaggerating, but guess what? SAVORY COCKTAILS is going to be my second book. “From the Spicy Bloody Mary and Dirty Martini to the Salty Dog and Sour Papa Hemmingway” is how it’s being officially described. But I have a few surprises for this book as well.


It’s to be a collection of 65 cocktail recipes from Ulysses Press in a hard bound book. But it’s going to a lot more than just the expected cocktails. I’ll also being curating quite a few cocktails from noted mixologists, bars and restaurants around the US and (hopefully) Canada. Letting them define what “savory” means to them. So I promise there will be some really creative and delicious takes on brand new cocktails. Shrubs, Infusions and bitters will also be featured. It should be in stores next fall.


Which seems like a really fast turn around. But actually I have been working on the book for quite a few months. There are a million things that can go wrong in trying to get a book published so I decided to keep book two pretty much to myself. Though if you live in Los Angeles and ran into me doing my “research” in one of LA’s first rate cocktails bars, I may have spilled the beans. You’d think I could hold my liquor better! GREG


Savory Cocktails from Greg Henry