Grilled Speck-Wrapped Persimmon

Grilled Speck-Wrapped Persimmon

Choose fuyu, not hachiya persimmons for this grilled speck-wrapped persimmon recipe. These are the flatter, wider varietal that can be eaten crisp and raw. The toothpicks are optional (it’s easier to grill them without the toothpicks) but they make this a simple to eat finger food suitable for a party.

Grilled Speck-Wrapped Persimmon 

Print This Recipe Total time Yield 12–18Source Inspired by Local Kitchen + Wine Bar, Santa Monica, CAPublished
Grilled Speck-Wrapped Persimmon


  • 2–3 ripe but firm fuyu persimmons
  • 12–18 slice speck (or smoked prosciutto)
  • aged balsamic vinegar (for drizzlling)
  • the delicate tips of fresh fennel fronds (roughly chopped)


Heat a grill or grill pan to medium heat.

Meanwhile, on a clean work surface trim each persimmon lightly on the top and bottom then peel each one carefully. Cut the peeled persimmons lengthwise into 6 or more wedges, depending on size.

Fold a slice of the speck in half lengthwise then carefully wrap it snugly around a persimmon wedge leaving the persimmon exposed on two sides. Secure the speck with a toothpick if you like. Repeat with remaining persimmons and speck.

Carefully oil the grates of the hot grill. Place the wrapped persimmons wedges on the grates and cook, turning often, until the speck is charred and crisp and the persimmon is hot and tender. Transfer to a serving platter.

While still hot, drizzle with balsamic vinegar and garnish with a sprinkle of chopped fennel fronds. Serve immediately.