A Proper “Classic” Martini

Martinis have gotten muddled lately. Either too much gin or inappropriate flavorings. This is a proper classic gin martini with just a subtle dash of orange bitters.

A Proper “Classic” Martini 

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  • 2 ounce gin (tanqueray, bombay sapphire, beefeater or plymouth)
  • ½ ounce dry vermouth (noilly prat)
  • olives to taste
  • lemon twist (optional)
  • 1 dash orange-bitters


Rub the rim of a chilled cocktail glass with a lemon twist.

Fill a mixing glass 3/4 full of cracked ice. Add the gin, vermouth and bitters. Stir for at least 20 seconds. Strain into the prepared cocktail glass. Garnish with olives speared on a cocktail pick. Drop in the lemon twist if you like also.