Michele Chiarlo Barbera d’Asti Superiore le Orme

michele chiarelo barbera d'astiWINE: 2006 Michele Chiarlo Barbera d’Asti Superiore le Orme

Packed with aromas of bright cherries and raspberries, this straightforward wine from Italy’s Piedmont region is ideal for pasta.  Flavors of ripe, red fruits and subtle fig meld well with this dish’s foundation of sweet vermouth, while the pasta’s mushrooms and the wine have a sweet earthiness in common. Despite it’s fruitiness, the wine is quite dry and robust, which easily holds up to garlic, pecorino-Romano and peppery arugula. With low-to-moderate tannins, medium body, and nice acidity, this is a very versatile food wine. 

The best examples of Barbera wines are from the Piedmont areas of Asti and Alba. Barberas from Alba (Barbera d’Alba) can be rich, complex and fairly full-bodied, while Barbera d’Asti wines tend to be somewhat light, fruity and easily quaffable. 


PRICE: about $14.00

Also Pairs Well With: Tomato-based pastas, mushrooms, pepperoni pizza, full-flavored cheese, cured meats like prosciutto, barbeque ribs, grilled chicken.

Category- Red Wine

Varietal- Barbera

Region- Piedmont, Italy

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