@McAndSchmicks Cookbook Giveaway “Live” Video Drawing Results

The time has come. We have a winner and I know who it is!

That’s right somebody out there just won two Cookbooks from McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants. It was an easy contest to enter. All you needed to do was leave a comment or like it on Facebook and I put you in the drawing.

So on to the results. Now I could just blurt it out right here couldn’t I? But how much fun would that be? Instead, I videotaped the drawing, live and all-in-one-take. Now I am going to make you watch the video to find out who won…HA! Imagine what this ingenious plot will do for my page view numbers…

Besides being fun, a video helps keep me honest. Not that you really needed to worry about that; but still it’s best to have all possible security measures in place.

So CLICK here to watch the Contest Results Video. Oh, and sometimes poor, sad Windows users have trouble accessing video on Sippity Sup if that’s you click on this link or go to the Video Archive tab at the very bottom this page. The top video should be McSchmick!. If you still have trouble go to my YouTube page via this link or straight to the YouTube file via this link.

If you STILL can’t view it, well leave me a message or a comment and I’ll email you the results!

And if that lucky winner is, or is not you, please do not let on in the comments section. Let’s keep the tension alive as long as possible. The last winner of one of these video drawing said she let out a scream when she heard her name called. Let’s let this winner experience that joy as well!


HA! made you look… now curse me out in the comment section below. GREG