Happy & Peppy & Bursting with Spring?

Something has come over Sup!

I think I have turned over a whole new leaf, “I feel happy and peppy and bursting with love”. Do you remember that toe-tapping tune from Felix Unger and the Odd Couple?

Of course, you don’t you’re too young! Funny how quickly my mood sours.

Now I sorta regret having made this cute little ode to the spring. Why did I make it so “happy and peppy”?

I don’t know.

Bursting with Spring

I don’t really consider SippitySup a great vehicle for cute. Or sweet. Same goes for adorable, beautiful, charming, dainty, delightful, pleasant, or pretty. Darn. If I had to make a duck video why didn’t I make duck a l’orange or something? That way at least the duck dies in the end! Instead, I am stuck with a video where the duck looks all cute and cuddly. Watch the video below if you don’t believe me.

I don’t know what came over me. This is so out of character. Quel Dommage. Avoir un printemps heureux. Oh no. I am slipping into French. That can’t be a good sign… arreter maintenant. GREG


Greg Henry