Green Bean Caesar Salad for the Hot Desert Sun

Green Bean Caesar Salad

After an absence of nine months (the longest absence in almost 20 years), I find myself in Palm Springs for the Memorial Day holiday. Memorial Day and Palm Springs have an important connection in my extended (non-genetic) family. So despite the changes in my life (my partner’s travel-challenged mother has moved in with us), I’m pleased to say we found a way to continue the Memorial Day tradition of blazing desert sunshine and turquoise swimming pools. Of course, there’s more to a long weekend than frolicking in the sun. Memorial Day for us this year will include a grilled pizza party, hand-ground burgers, and sophisticated twilight dinners on the lawn.

Which means I’m pitching in with the cooking. Yippee!

I know the crowd I’m cavorting with, and I’m sure steak will be a part of our long weekend. Probably steak frites. We’ll need something green on the plate and the first thing that comes to mind is a Caesar salad. However, have you ever watched a Caesar salad wilt and die in the hot desert sun? It’s not a pretty picture. Alterations to the recipe are in order if I plan to bring anything as august as a Caesar salad to this festive feast in the ferocious heat.

Green Bean Caesar Salad

Green beans can stand up to a Palm Springs party. Why couldn’t I make a traditional Caesar dressing and slather it all over blanched green beans, stir in some chopped anchovies, and top it with homemade croutons? A Green Bean Caesar Salad!

Well, raw egg for one thing. I don’t really want to set a raw egg salad dressing out in the hot desert sun.

So I googled around and found plenty of eggless Caesar salad dressings. I could have gone with any one of them. However, did I mention this was a holiday weekend? In the end, I did something I never do. I bought (high quality) store-bought Caesar salad dressing. Hey, I’m on vacation! GREG

Caesar Green Bean Salad