Get Ready for a Cookbook from Sippity Sup!


Cookbook from Sippity Sup. Really! I am not joshin’ you.

Come November a book store near you will have a cookbook written by me and published by Ulysses Press. I can’t spill all the details. But I will say I want to include as many of you as possible in this book. They’ll be my recipes, but if all goes to plan many of you will get to see your name in print too. But that’s got to stay hush-hush for now.

Cookbook from Sippity Sup

So please check back regularly, because soon there will be a new section in the nav bar that will lead to an update page about the book. That’s where I’ll post weekly snippets about the process as it’s happening– the ups and the downs. Ohhh, I hope there are no downs. But honestly it has been quite a roller coaster ride just to get to this point, so I better expect more excitement.

In the meantime I am still processing through the thrill of it.  GREG