Geoduck Fritters with a Sweet & Sour Chili Dipping Sauce

Geoduck Fritter with Sweet Chili Sauce

Sure a geoduck is a clam, an ugly clam with (let’s face it) a very phallic looking trunk that it projects from its shell in search of food.

But did you know that a geoduck could also be a fritter? Of course, just about anything can be a fritter. But a geoduck makes a particularly tasty fritter. Especially when that fritter is designed to compliment the geoduck’s best feature. It’s very special texture.

But let me backtrack.

You may have seen some tweets and twitpics from a recent day in my kitchen. Three bloggers and I got together to help I Love Blue Sea get its message out about delicious sustainable seafood. We did this by making cooking videos featuring all sorts of the high-quality seafood I Love Blue Sea sells.

My cohorts were Show Food Chef, Sushi Day and La Fuji Mama– each one worthy of the title culinary star. The videos and the recipes we showcased will be available at I Love Blue Sea soon. So I can’t divulge too much information.

Bloggers Film Video for I Love Blue SeaBut I can tell you I had one of those jolts of nostalgia. We were watching La Fuji Mama do a segment on cleaning and slicing geoduck. It’s one of those taste memories that had been locked away in my brain so long that I totally forgot it was there!

It was a memory from childhood. It was the memory of conch fritters and delicious trips to the Caribbean (a long, long time ago). We used to catch conch and make the most delicious fritters. We made them a little spicy and a little sweet. Just like the Caribbean!

Sadly conch has been harvested very hard since those long off days. They are difficult to find now and frankly are nowhere near as plentiful as they were in my childhood.

Which is a damn shame. But in watching La Fuji Mama slice the geoduck and talk about its special crunchy texture I had a revelation. Because that texture is best appreciated if its sliced very thin and at an angle– just like conch.

Just like conch. Just like conch fritters. But unlike a conch or a conch fritter geoduck’s are plentiful and sustainable. Especially the responsibly harvested specimens you can get at I Love Blue Sea. So my childhood memory can be reinterpreted while still recognizing the state of the world’s oceans today.

In other words, I can make new memories with geoduck fritters. Because I may have been a kid, but even then I knew that the key to success is a fritter that was exceptionally light in texture. Because a light texture perfectly highlights the slight crunch and chew of thinly sliced geoduck clams. The sweet and sour dipping sauce can be as spicy as you like.

So come on. Make Geoduck Fritters with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce. You can buy the geoduck from I Heart Blue Sea. Click here.

Geoduck Fritters with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce serves 8 or more CLICK here for a printable recipe and all the details on getting these fritters just right.


Greg Henry

Serious Fun Food