FoodBuzz Challenge #4- Picturing Spring Rolls

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Hey! Don’t call these egg rolls. They don’t like that. They prefer to be called by the exuberantly optimistic name of Spring Rolls.

I can see where the confusion comes from. An egg roll is an Asian treat of the same basic size and proportion as these rolls. But really that’s the only similarity between the two. In Vietnam, these are known as Gỏi cuốn. Besides Spring Roll, the English names include Salad Roll, Fresh Roll,Summer Roll.

They are fresh and delicate and in large parts– raw. Nothing at all like their deep-fried continental cousins. The fillings in egg rolls are cooked and shredded, then fried in their wrapper to a crackly crunch. The crunch in a good Spring Roll comes from fresh lettuce, fragrant herbs, and crisp veggies. The nuanced flavors of these vegetables can also be enhanced with cooked pork, chicken or shrimp.

I chose to make these for the photo challenge of this competition because they are such charming little hand-held works of edible art. All their beautiful components are firmly packed together and rolled into rice-paper sheets. They can joyously burst out one end or stay seductively tucked inside. But they can’t hide their beauty. Because the rice-paper sheets that give this roll structure are thin and translucent; offering an artful window into the soul of these Vietnamese classics. The effect is almost like stained-glass and it really is one of the culinary world’s most beautiful creations; making them more than ready for their close-up. VOTE for me here!


spring roll tutorial




































shrimp vietnamese spring rollsShrimp and Chive Spring Rolls makes 12

CLICK here for a printable recipe


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