Foodbuzz Blogger Award Nominations

food buzz festivalHave you heard?

The Foodbuzz Awards are coming. They will be an exciting part of the first Foodbuzz Blogger Festival in November. It’s going to be great fun and I can’t wait to be there! So look for me and say hello.

The Foodbuzz Blog Awards were created to recognize outstanding talent, creativity and hard work in the food blog community. The nominations and winners will be determined by readers like you. So If you love to read food blogs, show that love and make some nominations. There must be some quietly boastful food blogger out there you want to nominate (hint, hint).

I am unsure if you need to be a Foodbuzz member or not, but it’s free to join and if you are reading this blog you should be a member anyway, because you will love it there. Become a member today! Then come back to SippitySup and click here to start nominating!  I will be making dozens of nominations myself, as I love ALL Food Blogs! 

Nominations & Voting Timeline:

  • Nominations opened September 14th, 2009 and close on September 30th.
  • The top 5 nominees per category will be announced by Foodbuzz on October 2nd.
  • Voting will be open from October 2‑October 29th, 2009.
  • Winners will be announced November 7th 2009 at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival and on Foodbuzz​.com

Nominations & Voting Q &A:

1. Who can be nominated for a Foodbuzz Blog Award?
Any blog appropriate for the category is eligible for consideration and a Foodbuzz Blog Award. Blog nominees do not need to be Foodbuzz Featured Publishers.

2. Who can nominate a blog?
Anyone! If you’re a blogger, if you read blogs, or if you want to nominate your friend, you can!

3. Can I nominate myself?
In the spirit of awards and community, we encourage you to take the time to nominate your fellow food bloggers. Take some time with your nominations and make sure you’re being supportive of the community as whole. That being said, you can nominate yourself for up to 2 categories. We will not, however, be accepting any self-nominations for “Best Overall Blog.”

4. Will I be notified if I’m nominated?
Yes! And you’ll receive a badge to display on your blog!

5. How will nominees be selected?
The Foodbuzz team will narrow down the nominees to the top 5 in each category. Double nominations will be eliminated so please do not nominate more than once.

5. What are the categories?
We’re glad you asked! The categories are:

Best Overall Blog
Best New Blog
Best Wine Blog
Best Cocktail/Spirits Blog
Best Baking Blog
Best Food Photography Blog
Best Visual Blog (graphic design)
Best Writing Voice
Best Healthy Living Blog
Best Green/Sustainable blog
Best Family Blog
Best Recipe Blog
Best Blogger Humanitarian Effort
Best Community Blog Effort (recognizing blogging groups/challenges/etc)
Most Humorous Food Blog

Blogger you’d most want to:
-Take to dinner
-Cook a meal for you
-Be your personal Sommelier
-Create you a cocktail
-Watch on Food Network
-Watch on Iron Chef
-See open up their own restaurant
-See their blog made into a movie

6. Ok, I’m ready to nominate!
Click here to start nominating!