Durigutti Bonarda

Durigutti Bonardo 2007WINE: Durigutti Bonarda 2007
Deep ruby red, with aromas of dark fruits and cocoa. On the palate, flavors of black cherry, plum, chocolate and a subtle mintiness precede a long but mellow vanilla and spice-tinted finish. This is a surprisingly full-bodied wine, packed with new-world style fruit. Bright acidity holds it all together, however, and makes this an excellent choice for spicy fare like Greg’s tri-tip with 3 salsas. And what’s better with beef than a wine from beef-happy Argentina!
It is perhaps the most cultivated grape in Argentina, yet the origins of bonarda are somewhat mysterious.  It was probably brought to Argentina by Italian immigrants in the 19th century, and might actually be the same grape known in Italy and now California as charbono. However, there are several Italian wines named bonarda, but they are made of other grape varieties like nebbiolo, croatina, or uva rara. Bottom line is that bonarda is an inexpensive, food-friendly, low-tannin, and fruit-forward wine. Think of it as Malbec with attitude!
BonardaPRICE: about $10.00
Also pairs well with: chops, fajitas, lamb, pizza, sausage, spicy foods, steak, tomatoes.
Category- Red
Varietal- Bonarda
Region– Mendoza Valley, Argentina
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