Domaines Schlumberger Pinot Gris Alsace “Les Prince Abbes”

Bright yellow in color with a greenish tint, this elegant wine from France’s Alsace region smells like lemon tart and green melon with wet stone in the background.  I like how the bright citrus flavors of orange zest and pink grapefruit jump out initially, and then stand aside for the mellower flavors of peaches and quince.  There is also a hint of smoky spiciness which pairs well with the mild curry flavors in Greg’s mussels dish. Yet the wine is not too heavy, which is important when served with the fairly delicate flavors of steamed mussels, and the wine’s silky texture accompanies the slight creaminess found in the broth.

If someone held a gun to my head and told me I could only drink white wines from one particular region in the world for the rest of my life (and I hate when that happens), my response would be, “Alsace, please.” With world-class Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Muscat, and their amazing late harvest wines, I would have a white wine covering all price ranges and styles. Wines from the Alsace are distinct for another reason, as well.  Unlike almost anywhere else in France (and much of Europe for that matter), these wines are labeled by varietal, rather than by geographical location. GRANT


Pairs With Curry Favor with these Farmed Mussels

Price $18

Also pairs well with appetizers, creamy cheeses, chicken, fish, herbs, pasta, pork, salad, salmon, shellfish.

  • Category White Wine
  • Varietal Pinot Gris
  • Region Alsace France