Domaine des Aubuisieres Cuvee de Silex Vouvray

Pale straw in color, with inviting aromas of white peaches, lychee fruit & limes. Here is a brightly flavored Vouvray displaying flavors of green apples, pears, green fig and mineral-scented chalk. Despite being fairly dry and crisp, there is a noticeable “honeyed” quality to this wine, which is characteristic of a well-made Vouvray, and pairs beautifully with the mildly sweet custard in Greg’s Corn Creme Brulee. In addition, the wine’s chalky minerality pairs well with the dish’s fresh corn flavors, while its well-balanced acidity stands up to the mouth-coating candied-bacon topping. 

Vouvray, produced from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes grown around the town of Vouvray in France’s Loire Valley. At one time, Vouvray was associated with cheap, low-quality wine. However, classic Vouvray wines are rich, floral, and nutty with great acidity and complexity. Vouvray comes in 5 major styles: sec (dry); tendre (off-dry); demi-sec (semi-sweet); moelleux (sweet); and petillant (sparkling, which can range from dry to sweet).  In my opinion, Vouvray is a foodie’s white wine, and disappointingly under-rated. GRANT
Domaine des Aubuisieres Cuvee de Silex Vouvray


Pairs With Sweet on Corn- A Farewell to Ears: Corn Brulee & Tomato Sorbet

Price $15

Also pairs well with appetizers, cheese, fish, fried foods, fruits, fruit-based desserts, scallops and other shellfish.

  • Category White Wine
  • Varietal Chenin Blanc
  • Region Loire Valley France