Catena Malbec

catena malbecWINE PAIRING

WINE: 2006 Catena Malbec

FOOD: Chimichurri Flank Steak with Grilled Radicchio and Onions

The nose offers an array of dark fruits and delicate floral notes.  Flavors of black cherry, red currant and violets meld into vanilla, mocha and tobacco, pairing nicely with the smokiness of grilled beef.  This fruit-driven wine’s crisp acidity and minerality hold up to the chimichurri’s bold flavors while remaining light on its feet. 

With soft, supple tannins and exceptional length, this layered, rich wine is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with or without food. 

Previously seen as a bit-player as one of the minor grape varietals used in Bordeaux, malbec plays a starring role in Argentina. Brought over by European wine-makers fleeing the late nineteenth-century phylloxera epidemic, malbec grapes now thrive in Argentina, producing world-class wines.  Beef is King in Argentina, especially right of the parilla (grill), so for me, malbec and grilled steak is a can’t-miss pairing!


PRICE: about $19.00

Also Pairs Well With: Beef, smoked duck breast, salumi, hard cheeses, BBQ, monkfish, anything off the grill.
Category- Red WIne

Varietal- Malbec

Region- Mendoza, Argentina

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