Cantina di Monteforte “Re Teodorico” Soave

Cantina di Monteforte is a bright straw-colored with pleasant but subtle aromas of violets, citrus, almonds with a hint of minerals. On the palate, this 100% Garganega wine’s flavors include mild pear, lemon and slate, then finishes with almonds. This nuttiness pairs well with the pea sauce, and the wine’s light-to-medium body and backbone of cleansing acidity is nice with scallops. This is not a complex wine, which is the right call for the simple, clean flavors of Greg’s pasta dish.

Soave is in Italy’s Veneto region located near Verona. Vinified primarily from Garganega grapes, Soave is known for light, floral, nutty, refreshing and inexpensive wines, and is by far Italy’s largest white wine DOC. Unfortunately, large production can lead to an abundance of mediocre, dull, and almost flavorless wines. However, there are some really great wines from Soave, and even the really good ones are a great value, most coming in under the $15 mark. To increase your odds of finding a well-made wine, look for Soave Classico. GRANT


Pairs With Hot Peas & Cold Butter Make a Silky Sauce for Grilled Scallops & Fettuccine

Price $9

Also pairs well with antipasto, cheese, chicken, fish, pasta, salad, shellfish, and shrimp.

  • Category White Wine
  • Varietal Garganega
  • Region Veneto Italy