Calera Central Coast Viognier

Calera Central Coast Viognier

This yellow-gold Central Coast wine has loads of peaches, apricots, and honeysuckle on the nose with traces of oak. Plenty of peach on the palate, accompanied by flavors of ripe pear, lychee nut, white flowers and crushed stone. The intense fruitiness of the wine links to the sweet raisin flavors in Greg’s chicken dish, and the wine’s full body stands up to the richness of braised thighs. Yet, like all food-friendly wines, the Calera viognier exhibits a backbone of acidity which mimics the tanginess of the green olives and braised pearl onions, while refreshing your palate.

Because Viognier is a difficult grape to grow, very little viognier wine is produced internationally, when compared to the likes of chardonnay, riesling and even gewurztraminer. Yet, in my opinion, viognier combines the best qualities of those other varietals in a single wine, and is perhaps the most food-friendly white wine I can think of. Native to France’s Northern Rhone Valley, the viognier grape stars in the highly-sought-after, but difficult to find (and afford) wines from Condrieu and Chateau Grillet. However, excellent viogniers are being produced in California, Australia, and other parts of France. GRANT

Pairs With Braised Chicken Thighs: Cheap Chic!

Price $16

Also pairs well with butter and cream sauces, roasted chicken, curries, fish, fruit-based sauces, nuts, pork. cool spices.

  • Category White Wine
  • Varietal Viognier
  • Region Central Coast CA