Best in the East Junmai

WINE: Best in the East Junmai Sake

FOOD: Cold Orange Chili Oil Noodle and Beef Salad

Best in East Junmai SakeBest in the East Junmai is a sake made from yamada nishiki rice harvested from Brewmaster Ippei Setou’s pristine rice fields. Through the hands of his hard working brewers, the superior quality of his rice is passed from the rice fields into the bottle. Best in the East Junmai has a sweet honeyed aroma that comes from the slight oxidation of the sake. Its smooth velvety texture is reminiscent of a nicely oaked chardonnay. Its gentle sweetness is balanced with rich savory flavors that will require a few sips to fully appreciate. The finish is extremely satisfying and everlasting. A slight astringency tickles your tongue and makes it a great pairing for spicy or heavily seasoned dishes such as Greg’s orange and chili flavored noodles.

Ippei Setou is a man who refuses to compromise. That is why he begins his sake making at an unusual place—in the rice fields! Farming his own raw material is the only way for him to know that each grain of rice meets his exacting standards. Mr. Setou is the head brewmaster for Best in the East. For sake maniacs, this is the brewery that famously took the elusive gold prize at Japan’s National New Sake Awards—the oldest and most prestigious sake competition in the world—in 1990. Brewmaster Setou firmly believes that every step in sake making should be done in-house. He therefore demands that he polishes his own rice and use rice steamers of his own original design. His fermentation tanks are also his original creation and have unique grooves that control the movement of convective currents in the rice mash. Founded in 1922, Brewmaster Setou’s Best in the East aims to become the number one wine from the East.

PRICE: about $30.00

Also pairs well with foods that are naturally sweet. This includes vegetables, balsamic vinegar, shellfish, rare steak and tartare.
Category- Sake
Varietal- Yamada Nishiki Rice
Region- Japan
Imported by: Banzai Beverage
Available at: True Sake