Belisario Verdicchio di Matelica ‘Terre di Valbona’

belisario verdicchioWINE: Belisario Verdicchio di Matelica ‘Terre di Valbona’

FOOD: Chanterelle Risotto with Zucchini and Fried Prosciutto

With fresh floral aromas, this 100% Verdicchio comes from Belisario, a co-op started in the 1970s which has grown into the largest producer of that varietal in the world. But this particular wine, with its green and gold hues, keeps its boutique character because the grapes are estate grown. This is a great food wine with a palate-cleansing level of acidity. Its steely qualities are a perfect foil for this creamy risotto and are matched nicely with the barely cooked zucchini. But the acidity is what defines this wine, and allows it to stand up to the bold saltiness of the fried prosciutto.

This Verdicchio di Matelica (D.O.C. 1967) finds its roots in the hilly, mineral-rich, limestone soil along the foothills of the of Italy’s Apennines mountains. This inland location with a combination of warm days and cool nights gives a longer growing season, which in turn ensures a unique, refreshing white wine that should be more prominent in the U.S. marketplace.


PRICE: about $10

Also pairs well with: Fish and delicate white meats, hard cheese, cured meats and antipasti

Category- White

Varietal- Verdiccio

Region- Marche, Italy

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