Anchovy Aioli Redux

making anchovy aioli

For all of you with single-minded culinary brains redux is not a method for thickening a sauce. It is a Latin word that means “brought back” or “revisited”.

I am bringing back one element of yesterdays Sippity Suppers. I got a comment from Nick at imafoodblog. It sorta freaked me out.  I was afraid there might be a video camera in my kitchen. I mean other than the video camera in my kitchen that I put there! I like to have a complete record of all my comings and goings.

Here is why I freaked out:

This morning at 7:29, California time (after all what other kind of time is there…), which is exactly the moment I got out of bed. Also very eerie. I received this message from Nick regarding the aioli I made for a Tuna Pizza with Anchovy Aioli.

Nick said: “While the recipe does not call for it, I would probably add a dollop of mustard (based on the ingredients here, a spicy mustard) to the egg yolk mixture prior to streaming in the oils. The mustard will help to ensure the oil is properly emulsified into the egg yolks resulting in the desired texture. It is certainly possible to make mayo or an Aioli without the added mustard power, but I have found that about 50% of the times I’ve tried to do so ended up in a complete fail!”

It’s like he knew my aioli was thin and watery. Is he following me? Am I going to have to get yet another restraining order? You bloggers are maniacs!

But it was true. I purposely left out a picture of that dish in my blog-post because I was unhappy with the aioli! How weird is that!

All day today at work I had aioli on the brain. Could Nick have the answer to my decades old problem?

I have never made a good aioli before. It has always failed. I often cheat by adding flavoring to a dollop of good ole Hellmans. I had given up on ever making a decent aioli.

If I had been making the Tuna Pizza for a dinner party before I started this blog. I probably would have cheated and used a mayo base. But, do to my undying ego, I mean integrity. I felt obligated to re-create Masaharu Morimoto’s pizza EXACTLY as written!

I am not a scientist. But I understand the need for standards and baselines!

aioli makingAnyway, I got home today and decided to make the aioli again. This time with Nick’s suggestion of a “dollop” of spicy mustard, which I took to mean 2 teaspoons. I am also using a mini-food processor to make Joelen happy.

…and look there is a video of the whole thing! Aren’t you glad I really do have a video camera in my kitchen?

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