A Healthy Green Bean Casserole is Easy to Identify

Happy Thanksgiving.

If you’re still struggling with your menu I have a suggestion. Don’t forget to put something green on the plate. Green beans are traditional holiday fare. In fact, I think it’s just not Thanksgiving without green beans. But sadly, this vegetable is usually seen this time of year as an oozy-gooey, over-baked casserole topped with something crunchy that I can never actually identify.

Well I have a confession. I won’t eat that. I won’t watch you eat that, and I certainly am not cooking that and putting that mess on my lovely blog! I won’t do it.

But I do understand tradition. Really, really I do. And I know a whole lot of you require this side dish each and every Thanksgiving. The funny thing is you require it, without really liking it. Come on admit it, you don’t really like it. Just ‘cuz your Gramma made it a certain way you feel obligated to reproduce it just so. Then you force yourself to choke back a few mouthfuls every year. It’s a tradition, right?

Well not at Sups! house. Not now. Not ever!

green beans tomato mozzarellaNow calm down, there is no reason to call your Gramma. She doesn’t really like these green beans either. Nope, she made ’em because she thought you liked ’em. Besides, I still plan on having green beans. I even have 2 versions of green beans for you. One of these ways is even a casserole. But I prefer to call it a gratinate­, which is really just the Italian word for casserole.

But hold your horses before I get to the casserole (which in no way resembles that ugly mess I just banned from SippitySup) let me show you how I am doing the green beans at my house this year.

I am taking this opportunity to put a flavorful green, crisp healthy vegetable on my Thanksgiving table. There are quite a few heavy dishes already on the menu and I am afraid I won’t be able to lift the plate if I have to pile on one more rich dish!

I am making Green Beans with Lemon-Thyme Breadcrumbs they are going to be simply sauteed with the bright flavors of lemon and thyme. The panko bread crumb topping ensures that it has all the crunchy allure of your Gramma’s version, so it will feel comfortable and familiar. Comfortable and familiar with flavor– after a year or two of making the green beans this way you will swear this was your Gramma’s recipe all along. Green Beans with Lemon-Thyme Breadcrumbs Serves 8 Click here for a printable recipe.

But if you are sitting in front of your computer now with your hands all balled up in little fists, holding your breath because Thanksgiving is just not Thanksgiving without the green bean casserole you can just exhale– because I knew you’d be like that, and I came prepared.

green bean casserole healthyIt just so happens I have a green bean casserole for you that is lighter and healthier than the one that lives inside your childhood brain. Basil & Green Bean Gratinate serves 8 CLICK here for a printable recipe. 

But where I have skimped on cream, I have not skimped on flavor. Because this casserole has all classic flavors of Italy. Tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella are baked right along with these green beans. There is even a crunchy topping that is delicious.

And the best part– every ingredient in this version is identifiable!


Greg Henry