A Grape Time with Tyler Florence at the Ol’ Ballgame

Tyler Florence and Sippity Sup eat grapes at a Dodger game to help raise awareness about healthy foodTyler Florence took me to a Dodger game, in a luxury suite! We ate grapes from the California Table Grape Commision. We were determined to help increase awareness about healthy eating.

The ballgame is a great place to start. Dodger Dogs are delcious. They even come in turkey. So a Grape Relish seems like another healthy alternative well worth promoting. So I said “yes, I’d pitch in”. Because I want you to see how easy it is to make healthy choices, no matter where you are.

I was honored to be invited, of course. But that invitation comes with some responsibility. As blogging has developed into a powerful voice on the web, people in marketing and publicity have begun knocking on our doors. They have noticed that bloggers are gaining influence with their readers. Many of the better-known blogs have become taste-makers and opinion-setters. Is selling my voice for a bunch of grapes a good deal? So I stop and think, and I ask myself, is this a product or message worth promoting?

Sometimes it’s a hard choice. As SippitySup has grown I have gotten more and more requests to promote things right here on this blog. Of course it’s flattering, but it also presents a conundrum. Because Sup! is a picky bastard.

But in this case, Sup! realizes that this is an opportunity to participate in an important message. I hope you’ll watch my video by CLICKING HERE. Or if that doesn’t work go to my YouTube Page HERE. GREG

There is nothing to see here. Why aren’t you watching the video? CLICK CLICK