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Potato Leek Soup Becomes Heat Wave Vichyssoise


We’ve been beaten down by some brutal heat here in Hollywood this past week. So when our final night of the Hollywood Bowl season tickets rolled around, I needed something cool to eat. I chose Chilled Potato Leek Soup and served it alongside freshly shucked oysters. Vichyssoise for vicious weather, you might say. After 6…

Poblano Makes For One Hot Soup


I like spicy food. I even like really spicy food. In my current state of broken jaw with mouth wired shut, I seem to be missing spicy food. Even more than a nice chewy cut of red meat. I am sure that particular craving will hit me soon (like a ton of bricks). After all…

Leek & Potato Soup, Not That I’m Dwelling On It


I have decided to quit dwelling on my particular (short term) handicap. I mean you don’t need the excuse of having your mouth wired shut to enjoy a smooth, velvety cup of soup. Lots of people with perfectly functioning mandibles eat soup. Oh wait that sounds vaguely like I am dwelling upon my affliction. I…