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A-HA! Those Are Brussels Sprout Crowns


When I left the house this morning for the Hollywood Farmers Market I’d never heard of Brussels Sprout Crowns. I had already decided to keep an open mind about what I might find because it’s between seasons here. We’ve had both unseasonably warm weather and unexpected chilly days with lots of rain. And that was just…

An American Novice Takes On Kimchi


Sometimes I wanna make silly food videos. There is just no other way to share some jokes or visual references that I find funny. So, occasionally I build whole cooking videos from the seed of a silly idea. Sometimes a particular recipe is called for to make the joke work (like my Brussels sprouts video)…

Brussels Sprouts: A Horror Film


Happy Halloween! In keeping with the season I have a tricky treat for you. This treat is in the form of a mini-horror film I call Brussels Sprouts: The Revenge Of Farmer John! You might call it Brussels Sprouts: All Smelly and Green. Because be they supernatural or merely tricky to cook. I say they…

The Tradition Of Marriage


You know, I intended to write about food and the wedding tradition. I imagined an eloquent metaphor linking food, happiness, and a community of family and friends coming together in celebration. After all, I do not think I have ever been to a wedding celebration without food. But, it’s funny because I couldn’t find too…

Brussels Sprouts All Smelly & Green


I actually do like Brussels sprouts despite the attached video! Many people despise them though. So it seemed funny to me to present them as everyone’s worst nightmare. People are afraid of them because they are often prepared in a horrible manner…boiled. This is because they are technically a cruciferous vegetable. Which is a fancy…