2009 Vigne del Malina Pinot Grigio

bottiglia pinot grigio

Vigne del Malina, Pinot Grigio. The vineyards of Malina are beautifully situated in a valley between two streams, the Malina and the Ellero, in the northeast corner of Italy. The nine low-yield, high quality wines produced there benefit from the alluvial gravel soil of these ancient rivers– providing a lovely mineral component in the wine. Chill wind sweeping through the valley from the nearly Alps allows a mature harvest, and helps preserve the fruit aromas and flavors. A respect for the land and its unique characteristics is expressed in winemakers’ low-impact viticultural practices, “feet on the ground” and natural weed management (no chemicals).

The most unusual aspect of this Pinot Grigio is its pink-tinged coppery gold color, owing to a few days of skin contact. Also surprising is the fact that a 4 year old pinot grigio still shows well. On the nose a tropical fruit core is enhanced by impressions of wet stones and ripe nectarines. On the palate, a well-balanced structure of crisp fruit (medium-plus acid) and heat (medium alcohol, higher than most Pinot Gris/Grigios I’ve had) are delivered – finishing on a spicy, candied ginger note. Ten months of aging in stainless steel vats provide clean freshness to this 100% PG varietal. All in all, a rather complex expression of the pinot grigio grape – crisp and rich with a spicy kick, and a perfect partner to the nutty richness of Greg’s arancini. The mineral and acid components cut the buttery cheeses, while the maturity of the blended aromas (it is a four year old white, after all!) stands up to the saffron. That cleansing ginger note at the end inspires you to take another bite of this sumptuous, yet simple, risotto “meat” ball.

Ken Eskenazi

Pairs With Peas and Pistachio Arancini with Tarragon Pesto

Price $19

Also pairs well with Seafood, fish soup or cured meats like prosciutto.

  • Category White Wine
  • Varietal Pinot Grigio
  • Region Friuli Grave Italy