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Market Matters: Melon-choly Summer’s End

ripe melon

I know you have enjoyed the classic pairing of prosciutto and melon. It’s sweet, it’s salty and it is about as good as summer gets!

Well I could not let summer slip by with out featuring this classic summer recipe. So for the very last Market Matters at the Hollywood Farmers Market of this all too short, but glorious summer– I am bringing home a melon. For Sup’s version of Prosciutto with Melon, Anise and Black Pepper.

I love melon for obvious reasons. When it’s good, it is mind-blowingly good. So once you have had melon of that caliber it’s hard to eat those spongy, pastel-colored cantaloupes from the grocery store. Or worse yet, those green monstrosities that come in prepared “fruit” salads. I don’t quite know how they get away with calling that food. I’d rather eat the plastic box it comes in. That is not a perfect “end of summer” melon.

So please choose your melons well…