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Hollywood Farmers French Market Carrots


I went to the Hollywood Farmers Market this morning in search of French Market Carrots. As I mentioned in my last post carrots are a holiday “must have” for me. If you aren’t familiar with this particular type of carrot then I should let you in on its most unusual attribute. This is a round…

Savory Cake: Carrot, Feta, and Cumin


Who doesn’t like cake? Layer, pound, torte, sponge, flourless, yeast, bundt, chiffon, and of course birthday. Don’t get me started on flavors. We could be here all day. Cake is so beloved that there’s very little room to trod new territory. But what about a savory cake? Is that a “thing”? Of course, there are…

Caprese Stacks with Candied Pancetta


Caprese Stacks are an appetizer so sincerely simple that you may wonder how the heck I’m going to squeeze 500 words out on the subject. I mean Caprese salad is nothing more than tomatoes, basil and mozzarella on a plate, right? Caprese Stacks are simply vertical versions of the same thing, right? Of course, there’s a…