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Thanksgiving Wine Tips & Unexpected Pairings


This Thanksgiving shake things up a little. Yes, I could be talking about cocktails, but that’s Greg’s arena. And no, I’m not talking about excluding friends or family members from your table. What I am talking about (again) is wine. Just say no to Beaujolais Nouveau and try to stretch your imagination beyond Pinot Noir…

Frank Family Chardonnay 2014


Greg’s Caramelized Sweet Onion Soup – creamy, rich, layered – needs a wine that can stand up to it. Generally speaking, you can go two ways in choosing a wine pairing: you can either mirror the flavors and textures in the dish or contrast them. This time, I felt a strong sense of simpatico was…

How to Drink Pastis Like the French


I’ve traveled a fair amount in my life and I’ve made lots of observations about the world. One of the truest: The French know how to live life. They even have a phrase for this talent – joie de vivre. One of the joi-iest of their vivres is the habit of relaxing over an aperitif…