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Squash Blossom Pizza in a Skillet

Squash Blossom Pizza

I got the idea for this squash blossom pizza from Nancy Silverton. Back when Pizzeria Mozza first opened I used to stand in line for one of the lunchtime no reservation required seats at the pizza bar. Not only did I like the no reservation required bit. But I loved sitting at the bar facing […]

Market Matters- Squash Blossom and Ricotta Salad

Squash Blossoms

Today my post is going to be as quick and easy as this Squash Blossom and Ricotta Salad. So don’t expect a lot of blah blah blah out of me today.

You see I was down at the Hollywood Farmers Market with Angela from Spinach Tiger this morning. We had a great time cruising the market and talking about food. The summer choices that the market holds are almost limitless right now. But I have been waiting for squash blossoms and there they were today. So there was no hemming and hawing from me. I picked up a couple of bunches and decided I’d make my mind up about what to do with them once I got home.

Now squash blossoms certainly deserve the royal treatment. I could have pulled out all the stops and brought you something quite spectacular. But I am in the mood for simple. So as good as these can be stuffed and fried I decided to use the beautiful zucchini flowers I bought in the simplest of salads. Besides who says simple can’t be spectacular.

But creating a salad with these petit fleur is a balancing act in my opinion. Squash blossoms have a very delicate flavor. Mild greens, creamy cheese and a few herbs are all that is needed to highlight their best qualities.

With a salad like this the vinaigrette you choose is super important. I am not saying it is the central element, but without a proper dressing this salad could be a little unfocused. I am making a lemony topping. The bright punch of acid is nice with the creamy avocado, but it will also compliment (rather than overpower) the soft lettuce and sweetly floral squash blossoms. Use the very best extra-virgin olive oil you have too, the green quality will be just right in this instance.

Market Matters- Squash Blossoms Stuffed with Basil

male squash blossoms

They are not around very long so if you want to have squash blossoms. Have them now.

But I can’t be expected to end my week of basil recipes just because a finicky bunch of squash blossoms won’t wait around for me to finish up with basil. And squash blossoms will not wait.

Which means I am going to have to combine them this week with the basil I am committed to. So my usual trip to the Hollywood Farmers Market for this week’s Market Matters will have to be a squash blossom recipe that highlights the big bold flavor of basil.

Which is no easy feat. I have had squash blossoms many ways. A light touch is usually best.

I have had them deep-fried in a beer batter with chili powder. Which was delicious of course, but It could have been fried anything and still tasted just as good. The batter was a bit too aggressive for something so etheral. I say you should save that batter for onions or at least something with more heft on the palate.