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Market Matters- Summer Squash Tart, Follow Me Into the Light

summer squash

To be human is to ponder. Can squash be art? Is zucchini life?

One is a question, the other a metaphor. But, I had time to contemplate such things because I had a particularly spectacular walk down the hill to the Hollywood Farmers Market this morning. It was such a typically spring Southern California morning. Which means there was a touch of gray in the air; what some people erroneously (even on the news) call fog.

But really it is called a marine layer, or inversion layer. If you live anywhere near a very large body of water you probably know what I am talking about.

Here in Los Angeles the inversion layer is particularly pronounced in spring. Some call it May Gray or June Gloom. But these are rather dreary monikers because this morning fog has its own special charm I think. Partly because you can count on it “burning off” by lunchtime, leaving you with some of the prettiest blue skies LA is capable of producing.

But what I really like best about these mornings is the special kind of “hush” that falls over the city. I don’t mean hush like quiet. LA is never quiet. There is always a certain low buzz or hum that permeates the atmosphere (11 million people are incapable of producing complete silence). But there is a gentleness in the atmosphere that envelopes everything.

Market Matters: The Golden Glow of Summer Squash

summer squash as artCan squash be art?

Is zucchini life…

One is a question, the other a metaphor.

But, here I am (was, it is all so existential) walking through the Hollywood Farmers Market looking for inspiration for this week’s Market Matters. I see a golden glow. I think. What can that golden glow be? I push my way through the crowd (why do they always put the “free” samples right in front of the golden glow?)

Everyone thinks I am in line to taste yet another lovely strawberry. But no, I am drawn towards the light.

The lovely golden light. The light that speaks of harps and angels.

Is this my moment?


Oh… but, I’m too young to die. I have too much living to do. Too much to say. Too much to feel. Too many places to go.

Oh, but the light. The light! I wish this woman, who is licking each strawberry clean before feeding it to her toddler, would get a move on. The light! is calling me.

I am resigned. Wherever the light! takes me. I shall follow…