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Hunker Down with Meatball Stew


Now that we’ve cleared the holiday hurdle it’s time to start thinking about surviving the winter. I live in So Cal where our winters are typically mild. Often wet, but always mild. Still, I look for the joy in the season wherever I can find it and cool-weather pleasures don’t get simpler than a steaming…

Antoine’s Oyster Stew is an Unapologetic Classic


Antoine’s Oyster Stew is a classic. I’ve made no deviations and I’m not going to apologize for lifting this recipe practically word for word from Saveur Magazine. I also refuse to apologize for my choice of a thick and creamy stew served in unseasonably hot weather. I realize that Midsummer’s Eve is barely behind us…

Cod Stew for Dinner Tonight


What’s for dinner? I’m not even a parent and I still dread that simple question. Especially when that question comes from my own lips. I’m constantly asking myself – Greg, what’s for dinner? Lately I’ve found myself answering the question with stew. Lamb Stew. Pot Roast. Cod Stew. Or any kind of one-pot wonder that’s…