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Turn to Tuna Burgers


Tuna Burgers. I like to make left turns. I like to zig when others zag. Which makes this Asian flavored tuna concoction the ziggiest. It has so many left turns it’s practically a circle. In fact it is a circle ‘cuz it’s a burger. Now I realize that there is nothing typically Asian about a…

Tahiti Road Trip: Teahupo’o and The Vanira Lodge


Turquoise seas. Infinity pools. Gourmet buffets. Silk shirts with floral prints. Air-conditioned thatched-roofed huts hovering on stilts above palm-fringed lagoons. Glass floors that allow you to see colorful fish without leaving your room. Fresh fruit baskets delivered to your fare by a well-muscled hot tāne in a sarong. That’s Tahiti, right? Right… but it’s also Hawaii,…

Wine Tasting in Jacksonville, Oregon?


Roadtrips and wine tasting are one of my favorite pairings: you get to put the juice in context by seeing the scenery, sampling the food and talking with its people (including winemakers if you’re lucky). Greg and I were 16 days into a South-to-North-to-South West Coast adventure that included stops in California, Washington and finally…