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Sweet on Corn- Old Fashioned Corn Chowder


What’s a week of corn recipes without a good old-fashioned corn chowder? Maybe it’s not the sexiest recipe I have pulled out during this weeklong tribute to the sweetest girl of summer. But let’s face it, corn and chowder are words that were destined to live together. Google it and you get 544,000 matches, with…

Chopped Salad: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall


A Chopped Salad shouldn’t be trendy. A chopped salad should be classic. A Cobb Salad is chopped salad perfection. A harmonious blend of roughage and bacon– when chopped together form a more perfect union. However not all salads are created equal. Not all salads are able to stand up to the roughshod treatment of a…

An Apple Crisp That Stays Crisp


I’ve never made an Apple Crisp before. Isn’t that odd? Shouldn’t an Apple Crisp be so elemental that every cook should be required to make one before they take on something a bit more demanding? Like say… pie. I wrote a whole book on pies. Savory Pies. Yet I’ve never made an Apple Crisp before…