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New Tastes at Old Spago


For this entry into my Panamanian Cooking Series I want to feature Wolfgang Puck and Spago. You can’t really talk about iconic Hollywood restaurants without including Spago. But Spago is not all that it used to be. The new Spago in Beverly Hills represents a certain kind of dining in Los Angeles. Solid, dependable and…

My Panamanian Cooking Adventure


As promised some notes on my Panamanian Cooking Adventure. I am sorry it took me a month to get this to you. But that’s how life is, huh? You always gotta wait for the good stuff! I was invited by Boquete Gourmet to come to Panama and lead a cooking demonstration. Not one to fear…

A Man, A Plan, A Canapé: Panama


You want to hear something funny. SippitySup has a rank of 4332 in Panama. It’s my best rank per country in the world. Which means that SippitySup is a very popular site in Panama. It seems so random, but it’s true. I start with that little fact because I have some exciting news; SippitySup has…