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Alaska Seafood: Some Personal Notes


I went to Alaska. It’s a big, awe-inspiring place. From the majestic beauty of its land and sea, to the green Pontiac that obviously survived more than 50 Alaska winters. From the fish we caught, to the salmon we observed swimming achingly upstream for the chance to spawn and die. Especially the commercial fishermen Kristy…

Get Inn to Ohio: The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls


I’ve always heard that mid-westerners were friendlier than your average American. Quick with help, generous with handshakes, and honestly “tickled pink” just to have a conversation and a smile. But I live in the big city and I believe that it’s good to be skeptical of stereotypes. I also believe that stereotypes sometimes have a…

CampBlogaway- The Movie


I just got back from camp. Guess what? I found out I like camp! I wonder why I refused to attend as a child. In fact, this is my second year attending, and this year I was on a panel discussion about all the pressures of blogging. I shared the stage and opinions with Savoring…

Pickled Okra for Hot August Nights


Ok, Okra! Pickled Okra!! How many of you have run screaming from the room? To the sophisticated few who are still with us, but privately thinking “I don’t really like okra”. I say “yes you do.” Blasphemy? Well, no. It’s easy to dislike okra– a bit too easy if you ask me. And it’s true,…