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Boulevardier \boo-luh-var-DYAY\- un cocktail sophistique


Boulevardier \boo-luh-var-DYAY\ , noun; A frequenter of city boulevards, especially in Paris. A sophisticated, worldly, and socially active man; a man who frequents fashionable places; a man-about-town. Sups! a boulevardier! But that’s not why we’re here. We are here to rediscover a classic cocktail by the same name. It’s a potent, spicy and flavorful mix…

The Art of The Appetizer- Life in the Big City


Art of The Appetizer I have some good information for you today regarding appetizers. It’s some shortcut advice to artful presentations of beautiful foods that perhaps you did not make yourself. But I have to lead up to that. I can’t just give you the info, I need to push my “social agenda” a bit.…