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Arctic Char is a Great Alternative to Salmon


Arctic Char with Minted Sweet & Sour Pan Sauce is another example of something I have noticed swimming around on a lot of blogs lately. I am talking about sustainable seafood. The state of the world’s oceans is a topic of great interest to me. Because I love all the tasty tid-bits from the sea.…

That Thar Is Arctic Char


As promised here is my “later in the week” recipe for arctic char. As Seafood Watch said in the earlier post, char is a terrific alternative to farm raised Atlantic Salmon and a great way to take the pressure off the west coast salmon fisheries which are currently closed due to overfishing. In appearance char…

Arctic Char, Seafood Watch & Google Earth


You may know that SippitySup supports Seafood Watch. An organization designed to increase awareness about the importance of taking steps today to ensure that the oceans will continue to produce the seafood we all love in an ongoing and sustainable manner. One of my most well-recieved posts outlines exactly what sustainable seafood means. Read it…