Tomatoes and Basil: Simply Sliced and Served

heirloom tomato slices with lemon basil

I am still doing recipes that highlight basil, so I think you could have guessed this was coming.

Because what’s a week of basil if you don’t do at least one classic basil and tomato combination. I also have a nearly pornographic pile of heirloom tomatoes that somehow fell into my bag as I was leaving the TomatoMania tasting event. Oops, clumsy me…

The featured basil today is Lemon Basil (Ocimum × citriodorum). I think it is a good choice because this Sliced Heirloom Tomato Salad is served with out a vinaigrette. The slightly anise, slightly citrus notes in Lemon Basil add a lot of interest. But it is still important to choose an interesting variety of tomatoes. Sweet, acidic, luscious and crunchy. Gather all the troops.

Their juices will mingle in the warm sun and pair nicely with the Lemon Basil. All you need to do is provide ample salt and pepper. This will help these toms “weep” out some of their sweet, juicy essence. Then drizzle everything with the very best olive oil you have. This is why you buy very good olive oil, so enjoy it!

The recipe for Heirloom Slices with Lemon Basil can be found here. Though I can hardly call something this simple a “recipe”. So, if I have still not convinced you, take a gander at this:

sliced tomatoes with basil

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