Hero Worship


Good things have been happening lately with SippitySup.

But this "takes the cake" in my book. You may not know this, but I work with celebrities regularly. I am very rarely star struck. So when I get all giddy, and at a loss for words. Then you know this is big in my world. KCRW’s Good Food is this big to me.

KCRW noticed my Mark Peel cabbage soup post and linked it to their websiste. KCRW is the Los Angeles area affliate for National Public Radio.  The station’s musical programming is revered for its "innovation, creativity and diversity by combining progressive pop, world beat, jazz, African, reggae, classical and new music". So, needless to say I am a devoted fan in that area alone.

But there is also tons of really great non-musical, original programing on a huge and diverse range of subjects. Evan Kleiman’s Good Food is one of these programs. It is billed as a "taste of life, culture and the human species." But to me it is a weekly look at food and what makes the people who love it tick. I always feel like she is talking directly to me. Her show has the knack for exploring some aspect of the foodie culture that I am thinking about anyway.

If I weren’t so busy following her, I’d swear she was following me (I’m kidding, calm down, I’m kidding).