Basil Berry Panna Cotta (Not Too) Sweet and Creamy


Everything about this Basil Berry Panna Cotta is cute. Super cute. So for that I’m sorry.

Though I don’t really know why I feel the need to apologize for cute. Lots of folks like cute. In fact I think the interwebs were invented as one great big showcase for cute. Cute cats mostly.

But lately it seems that right up there with cute cats is cute food served in cute little jars. Cake in jars. Pie in jars. Chili con carne in jars. Why does food taste better if it has a lid? Maybe it’s a reaction to our fast food culture. I think there are people out there who have never had a meal that didn’t come in a to-go container. Jars make them feel safe.

Jars aren’t really to-go containers I know, but I still think they’re a gussied up version nonetheless. A sort of non-disposable variation that indicates  what you’re about to eat is special. Because any food that is not served in a disposable vessel is fancy, right?

All of this curmudgeonry is really just a diversion I’m using to hide the fact that I did food in a jar. A cute little jar. The jar serves no purpose of course. Other than bringing that undeniable cute factor. But I’m hoping you’ll overlook that small indulgence and concentrate on what’s inside the jar.

Inside this jar is a super sophisticated, not too sweet, basil berry panna cotta. Meaning this is no cute little puddin’ cup. GREG

P.S.  from Snooth wrote a nice profile about Sippity Sup. I’d love it if you went over there and left her a few kind words. Just don’t tell her I did cute food in a jar. She might retract all her kind words.

Basil Berry Panna Cotta

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