Ahem…More Announcements


eat your words blogger challenge badgeI have a few quick announcements.

The first is I participated in the ever so spectacular “Eat Your Words” challenge brought to us by Tangled Noodle and Savor the Thyme. I have not done a whole lot of these group blogger events. I am not really a very good joiner. You know the Woody Allen Joke about not wanting to be in a club that would have somebody like me as a member. Well I suffer from that syndrome sometimes.

But this challenge really “spoke to me” (HA get it?). I produced a video recipe called Because A Can, Can Can-Can.  It’s 3 posts below so check it out.

But more importantly please go to both T.N. and S.T.T.  so you can see all the other entries. You will be glad you did.

Also, I am excited to announce that The Chicago Sun Times Post-Tribune picked up another Sup! It was my dangerously silly post about Winter Caprese Salad. Which just goes to prove, never blog while drinking. You never know who’s gonna read it. Anyway, It’s on their online edition so please click on over there. I want them to think I am popular with all the cool kids.

And lastly, Scott Daigre of TomatoMania is going to start some occasional guest blogging here. He’s a tomato expert and will be guiding us SipSuppers through the glorious tomato season. From prepping the ground, to choosing varieties, all the way to harvest and gorging. So make him feel welcome!

Ha! made you look… GREG