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Market Matters- The Enchanting Chant of White Bean & Chanterelle Soup

sliced chanterelles

I am so happy to still be a contender in the #PFB2010 Project Food Blog contest. I am having a blast, but one thing I have missed is my weekly Market Matters posts from the Hollywood Farmers Market. But this week the slave drivers over at FoodBuzz are giving us a break. The competitors have a rare Sunday off and I am using that time to get myself back to my market.

It’s the perfect weekend for it too! There is a certain sound in the air. Have you heard it? It’s a happy sound. I think you know what it is. It is the change of seasons. There has been a subtle shift in the atmosphere here in Los Angeles. A slight changing of the angle of light and an indefinable quality ringing through the air.

People unfamiliar with Southern California always (unmelodiously) ask… “Oh, but don’t you miss the seasons?”

Well if by seasons you mean driving around in the snow, sleet and hail whether you want to or not, then my answer is: “No, heck no!”

But if by seasons you mean that certain melodic changing of the emotional guard that co-ordinates with a change in pitch of the weather, then I say “No, heck no. We have beautiful seasons here!”

Beans For Soup Slow and Low

white bean soup with fried sage

Soup’s on (again)!

Am I boring you to no end? I realize that this is the 8th soup recipe I have posted in as many days. It’s the heat of summer and Sup’s! got soup! But my jaw is still broken…it seems broken bones take a while to heal.

I know it’s crazy. Maybe even boring. But at least I can try and make it delicious…

So today’s soup is a White Bean Soup with Fried Sage.

It is actually the most straight-forward of soups. It’s basically a mirepoix sauteed in olive oil and sage. White beans are added and the whole mixture is pureed to whatever texture suits your taste, and mandibular capabilities.

But a simple soup is a great time to talk about technique. In this case I want to talk about cooking dried beans.