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Market Matters- Full Fava Flava Risotto

Shelled Fava Beans

It’s the first Sunday in Spring. Just thinking about it makes me feel happy and hopeful and alive.  I can be such a sentimetal sucker, I know– but It is days like today that make me feel so darn lucky to be me!

Part of that reason is because today is also the LA Marathon and I have a friend running it. So my walk down the hill had a double purpose. Cheer my friend Joe onto success in the marathon and drop by a the Hollywood Farmers Market to pick something up for this week’s Market Matters.

As I am feeling “happy as a lark”, I just knew I’d find something special at the market today too. I was not disappointed either. The market is transitioning into Spring and there are so many wonderful vegetal choices. So you see, it wasn’t hard to find something to fit my mood.

Drum roll please…. I chose fava beans.  It seems as if it should be too early for these goodly green goddesses to make their appearance. But, nope. There they were just smiling at me with that toothy green grin that makes me love them so.

Market Matters- Full Fava Flava

shelled fava beansAnother gorgeous spring Sunday and I fully enjoyed my trip down the hill to the Hollywood Farmers Market.

If you know SippitySup at all then you know Sundays are reserved for Market Matters. And my market is full of all kinds of things that matter to me. That’s because we are smack dab in the middle of spring and there are so many wonderful vegetal choices.

So drum roll please…. I chose Fava Beans.

Which is practically a springtime “well, duh”. I mean we wait all year for these things don’t we?

They are especially good right now. They are plentiful and relatively cheap, or at least as cheap as they get. Most of the pods are still quite young so you know they hold dainty little favas.  Sure the littler they are, the more work they can be. Though you don’t always have to peel the little guys, I usually do anyway.

But, the little guys just taste better. The starches have not developed and they are a burst of bright green fava-i-ness that just makes me want to cry!

Also, what you have heard is true. There is no getting around it. Favas are a lot of work.