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Anchovy Aioli Redux

making anchovy aioli

For all of you with single-minded culinary brains redux is not a method for thickening a sauce. It is a Latin word that means “brought back” or “revisited”.

I am bringing back one element of yesterdays Sippity Suppers. I got a comment from Nick at imafoodblog. It sorta freaked me out.  I was afraid there might be a video camera in my kitchen. I mean other than the video camera in my kitchen that I put there! I like to have a complete record of all my comings and goings.

Here is why I freaked out:

This morning at 7:29, California time (after all what other kind of time is thereā€¦), which is exactly the moment I got out of bed. Also very eerie. I received this message from Nick regarding the aioli I made for a Tuna Pizza with Anchovy Aioli.

Sippity Suppers- Mid Week Menu

I am very, very popular. And the curse of very, very popular people is that our time is so seldom our own. We are in demand. We have places to go, people to meet, meals to devour. There are drinks to be had, stories to be exchanged and long weekends to be spent in the company of other very, very popular people in their glamorous weekend homes.

There is only one way to maintain the status of a very, very popular person. You must reciprocate. Though I may be very, very popular. I am not very, very rich (shhh… don’t tell my very, very popular, very, very rich friends). So reciprocating to me means entertaining at home.

But Saturdays book up fast. What is a very, very popular person to do? Well, the answer is simple. Have a dinner party during the week. Now I know it’s hard to entertain at home on a weeknight (especially now that there is some CSI franchise on TV three times a week). But it can be done with some planning.

Here are my tips: