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Bring on the Heat of Summer- Spicy Grilled Tri-Tip with a Trio of Salsa

Trio of Salsa Recipes

I am going to eke out a bit more summer with this recipe for Spicy Grilled Tri-Tip with a trio of interesting salsa tastes that includes something for every palate.

I say “eke out a bit more summer”, but that’s not quite true in two regards. First– technically, there are 6 more days of summer to be had. Secondly– summer never really came to Los Angeles this year. I kept waiting for it to get hot, but the heat never sat its big butt down on this town.

So I have decided before the summer ekes away I am going to bring this city a little heat of my own. My brand of heat comes from chili– several kinds. Including: cayenne, habanero and Serrano. Because if Mother Nature hasn’t been able to make this Angelino sweat, then I am going to bring the heat in my own delicious way.

But just to let you know how sensitive I am to whatever heat may have come your way this summer (I hear it was blazing on the East Coast nearly all summer long) one of the salsas I am featuring is quite mild. It is a grilled corn salsa featuring one of the mildest chilis I know Anaheim chili.

Sippity Suppers- Pot Luck Projects @TheTableSet

The Table Set Podcast Potluck Party Episode

Potlucks can be a lot of fun. Partly because they can be a lot less work than the one cook wonder. Meaning (in theory) that even the host has time to enjoy the festivities. But that doesn’t mean a Potluck Party is without stress. There’s the social pressure. The lurkingly painful doubts in the back of your head. Those little voices that say: “Will this be good enough? Will my friends like my Gramma Jeanne’s braised turnip greens?”

Then there’s the etiquette. Not just the what to bring, but the how to bring it. You need to choose wisely. Many a disaster has befallen a would be potlucker during the drive to the party. Because the challenges of potluck mean you need to choose food that will not only be delicious, but will travel well and stay good after hours of sitting on the buffet line. Slaw is always a crowd pleaser. It has real staying power too. Besides there are so many creative ways to shred vegetables. Try kale, I like to make a garlicky raw slaw with the nubbly variety known as lacinato or dinosaur kale.

There are other great ideas. It all starts this week on The Table Set with a call from a listener in Hawaii, whose weekly beachside potlucks sound like something to envy. So Andy, Nathan and I decided to talk Potluck Party. From the friend who says “bring octopus” to the idea of a Sizzler-style Salad Bar for the home. Even the High Brow/Low Brow dilemma presented by casserole– including two healthier versions of a ubiquitous Green Bean Casserole, plus a trumped up, truffled up Mac N Cheese Pie. But sometimes you want the Low Brow original, so check out Nathan’s Gala Parfait “church lady basement style” casserole cook-off, which includes a recipe for Glorified Rice that should catch attention.

There are also some new features on the show we think you’ll like. So please tune in and let us know what you think. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Leave them on Homefries Podcast Network or on iTunes.

Since potlucks can make some people uneasy. I also put together a few simple guidelines for a successful potluck here on Sippity Sup. Because, like everything in life, the Potluck Party goes much smoother when a little common sense etiquette paves the way. GREG