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Market Matters: Spaghetti with Fava Bean Puree and Ragusano Cheese

Fava Bean Spaghetti

This is so me I don’t even need a recipe to do it, but I included one from inspiration. I mean this is what I do most Sundays. I go to the Hollywood Farmers Market and I buy something fresh and seasonal. Something green seems to be my favorite, but not always.

Then I bring that something green home and I percolate on it. Then I choose a few simple elements. Things I think would augment my newly acquired something green. Then I mush it all together and serve it with pasta. Usually within 2 hours of getting it from the market to my kitchen. Of course by mush it all together, I mean puree (using very expensive equipment!). But basically the technique is best described at mushed.

Every time I do this I think, “No not again”. People will get bored with these “pestos”, no matter how atypical. But then I remind myself that I never get bored of them. So maybe you folks won’t get bored of them either.

So here I go again. Mush. Today it fava bean mush. Paired with almost nothing else: Fava beans, onions, celery and parsley. Not even any butter today. That’s how light a hand I think fava beans require. Every element must be green. The favas and their delicate nature must prevail.