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Anderson Valley- California Wine Country


This is the third in a series of sponsored posts about our trip to Mendocino county. Ken and I recently spent 4 days exploring as much of Mendocino County, CA as we could. When you’re in Mendocino the lure of the ocean is strong. There are miles of ocean vistas and empty beaches. It’s a…

Potato Leek Soup Becomes Heat Wave Vichyssoise


We’ve been beaten down by some brutal heat here in Hollywood this past week. So when our final night of the Hollywood Bowl season tickets rolled around, I needed something cool to eat. I chose Chilled Potato Leek Soup and served it alongside freshly shucked oysters. Vichyssoise for vicious weather, you might say. After 6…

Make it Yourself- Homemade Lox


I’ve decided to take on Homemade Lox using terrific wild salmon from Alaska. Good homemade lox has an intense color and a meltingly tender texture. Go to a restaurant and you could pay big bucks for it too. To justify the price plenty of places compose the plate beautifully. Sometimes they’ll include unusual accompaniments which further…

Port of Call: A Magic Potion Cocktail IRL


  Now I am a pretty good cook– but like most of us I read recipes to get inspired. Good recipes are like good books, they’re hard to put down. I particularly like recipes so magical that they transport me to exciting locations, rich with possibility. These are the recipes that excite me. These are…