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Almond Crusted Chicken Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Love You…

crusty almond chicken is great…it just means I need time for myself.

It’s a wide open open weekend.

I live in Los Angeles, one of the most exciting, glamorous cities on the planet.

The options of leisurely weekend activities are nearly endless. I could drive to the beach or to the snow in equal amounts of time.

I could shop at world-class boutiques in Beverly Hills.

There are parks, and activities. The bird migration is in full swing. I like my birds.

There is always a food-festival somewhere. Be it Latin flavors in East L.A., or some other event in Little Tokyo, Korea Town, or the traditionally Russian areas of West Hollywood. I could go to my local Buddhist Temple where the sell excellent Thai street food for almost nothing (just remember to take your shoes off when you go inside)!

Pea Ravioli as Sweet as Spring

sweet pea ravioliIt’s happened again. I should have known it was going to happen again. It usually happens just this way. I am stuck on peas and can’t get off them.

Yesterday I posted a Pea Pasta dish with mint and lemon zest. I used frozen peas and it was delicious, healthy and easy to make. And what I said is true. I think frozen peas are a terrific vegetable. Especially in the type of hurried situation that I was faced with.

But it is spring. There are lots of reasons to be excited about spring. Fresh sweet peas of all varieties are certainly some of these reasons.

As much as I loved my minty orzo with peas, it did not really scratch that springtime itch I sometimes get. That itch can only be scratched with fresh peas.

And I do not just mean sweet English peas. I mean snow peas and sugar peas. Heck I even mean fava beans (which is technically a legume). But because of the favas bright green color I am making it an honorary pea in this recipe for Sweet Pea Ravioli with Rosemary Cream. Click for recipe.

Peas, Peas Let Adam Lambert Win

orzo and peas with mint and lemon zest“Hello? Yeah. No. Okay. Yes. Sure. Great. Yeah right! Ok, bye. It was nice talking to you too.”

That’s how this story starts, because that collection of very literate sentences was uttered by me and is just one side of a very brief phone call.

Do you have one of those friends who start every phone conversation as if they had been on the phone with you a half hour already? It’s like they just pick up where they left off when they last spoke to you a week ago.

They could spout off their SS# and give you the combination to the safe without first confirming with whom they are speaking.

But in this instance I was indeed the intended reservoir for the information being conveyed. And believe it or not, the information being conveyed was a party invitation.