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I am a Bird Lover I Eat Duck (Breast Satay) and Other Tails (Tales)

duck breast satay with grilled peaches

I am not a vegetarian and that is not a secret.

Still I am not really a carnivore either, though I eat meat (when and if I feel like it). You see it’s all the labels people put on themselves that make me crazy… omnivore, pescivore, herbivore… boring-ivor.

Do people know these are labels for creatures that cannot control their biology? Eat what you want and be happy. Humans can control their lives, their environment and what they eat. Take control of your choices or don’t, but leave the labels for zoologists.

I felt the need for that little rant because I am sooo bored of the debate. It’s kind of like the state of politics. Two extremes swallow up all the discourse and the middle has no recourse. Be it health-nuts or those with the poorest of eating habits– left-wing whores or right-wing whack jobs. The blindly faithful or the arrogantly faithless… they are all just insecure junkies. Convinced that their way is the best way. In other words they have no control over themselves or their environment, because their environment defines them.

Which brings me to duck. You see I love duckies. I’d have a duckie for a pet if I could. But I also eat duckies. I think it fulfills their purpose in life. I made that decision and it doesn’t make me a quack-ivore. It makes me a person in control of my choices.

Make the jump and have a look at my recipe for Peach & Ginger Glazed Duck Breast Satay with Grilled Peaches, if I haven’t ruined your appetite. There’s wine too. My brother brought a Benton-Lane Pinot Noir. It’s the perfect pairing for attitude. GREG